Call me Jamie Lawson because I was not expecting that

Hectic is probably the only word that would do the last week justice. So would full on, awesome, humbling or possibly even inspiring. Friday night, the chop happened in front of just under 200 people but not before we auctioned off the four sections of my hair that were prepped, tied & ready to be posted to variety.


Pigtails prepped for Variety!

Trivia scores were being added and Chris Smyth, our local franchisee at Harvey Norman took the floor as our auctioneer. We’d had some awesome prizes donated, former South Sydney Rabbitohs player and boxer Joe Williams had been a total champion and signed some boxing gloves for us, which went for the pretty price of $500.

Next up was our mystery prize which only Chris auctioneer extraordinaire, the organisers of the Trivia Night and I know was going to be a years supply of Bread, one loaf a day for the next 365 from local bakery Annie’s Bakery which was an AWESOME prize that I WISH I could have bid on, the winning bid was for $400, what an investment.

Finally we got to the hair. Four pigtails, let’s start the bid for the first one Chris says. 50, 100, 140, 170, 250, 500.

Sold at $500 to the table in the middle of the room.

Second pigtail, and this is where the night starts to get emotional for me. The tables in front, where my closest friends were seated, start bidding against each other.

Second pigtail goes to Diana, $200.

Third pigtail, Alice won the bid at $200, which I was exceptionally happy about. Alice had traveled from Armidale that afternoon, and was heading back in the morning because she had some concrete plans on Saturday, she legitimately traveled six hours that weekend to be there for the shave. The smile on her face was almost as big as mine.

Fourth pigtail was enough to make my heart feel like it was pumping out of its chest. I thought at most on the night we’d get a sweet $500 for all four pigtails and we’d be sweet.

The bidding started and was going back and forth amongst the two front tables of a rent a crowd that I brought, outbidding each other. One of the boys I know is currently saving and trying to be a thrifty as possible, and raised the bid from $250 to $400 – my jaw nearly hit the floor of the club it dropped that quickly. My boyfriend got the final pigtail at $500.


Our wining bidders! (L-R Lachlan, Alice, Diana, Aleeta)

$1400 raised in just the hair auction alone, and it was time for the hair to be cut, the first bid was won by the boyfriend’s parents table, so boyfie called up my Moree Mum Aleeta to cut one of the strands because it “wouldn’t have felt right” without her there.

The penny then dropped, my friends weren’t bidding against each other, they all went out with the explicit intent to beef up the auction as high as they could to help me raise money for Byamee. It was then blabbed they’ve been conspiring for the last week or so.

That’s when the emotions came. I couldn’t have given a rats tattoo about my hair, it was how in the last four months that I’d been organising this, missing sleep, and promoting the tail out of Hairless for Homeless because I so badly wanted to raise enough money to make an actual difference to the homeless problem in Moree, a town that has been so wonderful to me since I got here last year. I was giving back and there my friends were backing me the entire way.

That’s when the tears nearly started, my heart grew three sizes that day.


Once the pigtails were cut, I had a pretty spunky pixie cut happening on my noggin. A few ladies came over to me and begged me to leave it that way “your beautiful hair, surely that’s enough?”. Nope, hairlessforhomeless is what this is, and that’s what I was always going to be. Go hard or go home.


Pixie cut, with the “squad’s” bids.

Rachael from Stagg & Co performed (yes, performed) an impressive cutthroat shave in the Auditorium after a buzzcut and I’m delighted to say that I actually don’t have a weird shaped head which was definitely a thought that crossed my mind.


Final result: I think Vin Diesel is going to sue me for stealing his look.